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  Dance Floors

Dance Floor Rentals

Dance floor rentals are perfect for weddings or family reunions, wherever you'd need a dance floor.  We offer a few options for your dance floor rentals needs in order to ensure we have something that will go with your party look.  Party rentals are a wonderful addition to any party whether it be a wedding or a birthday party.  We have all kinds of fun party rentals including our dance floor rentals to choose from.

Are you looking to throw a party for your entire community? We have all kinds of things that will fit the bill.  Our dance floor rentals are wonderful to get people up and off their feet.  We also have a mechanical bull rental that is perfect for those that are looking for a bit of excitement.  No worries, if you are looking for something for one of the younger ones in your life, we can offer our bounce house rentals and inflatable rentals as options.  Yes, that's right, we have something for everyone!  

Check out all of our party rentals.

Take your time to look around and you'll soon see that this can get a little overwhelming.  No worries, you can call us and describe what you are trying to do and we'll be happy to help you figure out the setup and your needs.  We have been in the party business for a really long time and understand how these functions work.  We have done large parties as well as small backyard intimate affairs and everything in between. 

You cannot go wrong with renting from Florida Tents and Events.  We have it all and all in one location.  No more worrying if everything will show up on time.  We are professionals and have set up 1000s of parties every year.  It is important to us that we arrive on time with clean and ready to go rentals.  After all, we waste time setting up one party when we typically have many going on every weekend.  

Get the party started with dance floor rentals!

Dance floor rentals are a fun way to get everyone up and moving.  Our dance floors can be used for dance.  However, we have people use them as martial arts stages and other types of stages.  When it comes to partying you need to use your imagination.  Many of our rentals can be combined to make the perfect party set up.  Think about it.  Our dance floor rentals are perfectly combined with our table and chair rentals.  We can even deliver early to ensure you have time to decorate the rentals should you need it.  We have some beautiful outdoor wedding setups with our tent rentals and dance floor rentals.  Don't think you have to use them as they stand, you can decorate them to fit your style and design.

Take your time to look around if you have found us searching for dance floor rentals as we do have many other fun party rentals to choose from.  Many times we find that people don't stop at just one rental.  Whether it is tables and chair rentals or tents and tables combined with your dance floor rental, we have you covered. 

We work and live in the Orlando area and are dedicated to offering quality services that our clients have come to love and trust.  Get your dance floor rentals today!

10 X 10 Dance Floor
10 X 10 Dance Floor

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15 X 15 Dance Floor
15  X 15 Dance Floor

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