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Large Train

Large Train

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Large Train Rental

Large train rental is a wonderful addition to any carnival.  The kids are simply going to love this attraction.  We provide the train and the driver, you simply need to tell us where the party is at and we do the rest.  A train rental will make memories that last a lifetime.  It is a wonderful addition to a large carnival or simply give the kids a ride around their yard.  Kids, for whatever reason, love trains!  Give the kids a little extra fun at your party and let them have a train ride.  Imagine their eyes when they see it come around the corner.  This is a trackless train so it can easily be set up anywhere there is flat land.

If a train rental doesn't interest you, we are certain you will find party rentals that do.  We have water slide rentals, rock climbing walls, and more.  This train is the perfect addition, but if you need more than just a simple train, not a problem.  Our train can be used indoors as well as outdoors.  We have been rented inside shopping centers and schools as well as around the yard.  Take your time to figure out what is best for your guests and party with Florida's tents and events.  We deliver everything and set it all up for you.  This makes it easy for those looking to do fundraisers and people would love to come and help you out!  Everyone loves a good carnival and with our party rentals, they are sure to be back the following year.


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