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Happy Face Entertainment: Ocoee is Happy Face Entertainment’s back yard too…

The City of Ocoee was formed as a small agricultural settlement supported by the local citrus and vegetable farming industry. Now you can’t even recognize this once small town. Happy Face Entertainment has been proud to grow with this great community. The residents here have trusted Happy Face Entertainment with their party needs and special events and we have rocked all of them. 

Give Happy Face Entertainment a call and we will show you what we are all about. There is nothing we can’t do and no length we won’t go to keep your crown happy and smiling. We have all of the party favours anyone could dream of having at a party and a few you didn’t even think of. We have dance floors for weddings and seating options for hundreds of people. Ask us about our Catering options and we can provide a list of amazing appetizers and entrees to make everyone happy. 

Our vision is to be the largest entertainment group in the State and Ocoee is on our map. Give us a shot and we can guarantee awesome. The Happy Face team works on the weekend and is available 365 days of the year. This means every Holiday our family is spending time with your family and we couldn’t be happier. 

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